Our Ministry Plan


How does our mission specifically “connect” with our ministry plans and practices?

The following is a list of the components of our ministry plan. The reader will notice that these components contain both physical stewardship aspects of the ministry as well as spiritual goals. These are the important components to the overall ministry plan here at SEVBC.

  1. IN PREACHING – God has ordained that through the “foolishness of preaching,” the lost are “rescued.” The elder’s primary responsibility to God’s sheep is that of preaching the “whole council” of God’s Word (“Peter, do you love me? Feed my sheep!”). Not only do we place “primacy” on preaching, but on “rightly dividing” the Word of Truth. Our preaching must be the result of serious study of the text. This means that we place a high priority on the protection of the senior pastor’s study time. It is one of the reasons why we believe the NT demonstrates a pattern of a plurality of elders. The elders (with spiritual oversight) and the deacons (with physical service) are to assist the senior pastor with the details of ministry leadership so that the senior pastor may spend the needed time in both prayer and study for the purpose of feeding God’s sheep. In our preaching, it is our ultimate desire is to discover the Holy Spirit’s “authorial intent” of the passage. This cannot be replaced by “pastorial intent.” This type of preaching which derives it’s message and material first from the text is called, “exegetical preaching.” We will protect our pulpit from those would denigrate God’s Word through the abuse of “proof-texting,” and/or allegory. We believe in a literal, grammatical, historical interpretation of Scripture. And while we may not be “blindly loyal” to “dispensational theology,” we do believe in this “dispensational” approach to Scripture. The pulpit cannot be used by the preacher for the advancement of a personal agenda.
  2. IN WORSHIP – we plan to aggressively worship the Lord through vibrant “songs,” “hymns,” and “spiritual songs.” Keeping in mind that our music must in no way detract or undermine it’s message! Furthermore, the music style must be consistent with a spirit that honors and gives attention (lit. “make large”) the worshipers vision of the character, work and nature of God. Because of our God and His character, our music and worship cannot “sound” like a modern day “rock concert.” But it should neither sound like a “funeral service!” We plan to take the solid hymns (singing “about God”) of the faith and integrate appropriate and God-honoring newer spiritual songs and choruses (singing “to God”) to focus our attention on the One we worship. It is our desire to utilize those faithful, gifted and musically disciplined brothers and sisters in our midst who have been given the ministry of music not for the purpose of “entertainment,” but for the purpose of leading us in glorifying our great God. The music is just one aspect of our corporate worship. Other important components continue to be corporate Bible reading, prayer, testimonies, specials as well as the offering portion of the service. All of these add to and are important aspects of corporate worship at SVBC. Our worship will be lead by a “Pastor of Worship.” The Pastor of Worship will oversee all choirs, ensembles, instrumental groups, congregational worship, special worship services, all children’s choirs, the music schedule and the continued education of the congregation in meaningful music (as is the case with all “ministry heads,” it is our desire for this to not all be done by one person, but accomplished by the “team-effort” of a “staff.”)
  3. IN FELLOWSHIP – Our primary focus under the objective of fellowship is our small group ministry. We plan to aggressively promote and serve each other through each and every “small group.” It is here that an “every-member ministry” can flourish and connect through the utilizing of our spiritual gifts resulting in mutual accountability and edification. Our small groups will be lead by a leader and an assistant (who will be “mentored” to handle the future role of “leading” a group). Our small group ministry will be lead by a “director of fellowship,” or an “elder of fellowship.” He will lead, support and encourage all leadership in the small group ministry. It is our ultimate desire to see every member and participant of SVBC involved as a vibrant part of a small group. One “by-product” of these groups is the building of “bridges” to “non-churched evangelicals,” “religious non-believers,” and “non-religious, non-believers.” Our commitment to fellowship, especially as it relates to edification, will also be seen in our women’s and men’s ministries. Other important ministries flowing out of our commitment to fellowship are both the men’s and women’s ministries.
  4. IN INSTRUCTION / CHRISTIAN EDUCATION – Our primary tool in this area of instruction is that of Sunday School. It is our strategy to create classes (for all ages) that educate on an integrated approach. In a real sense, this commitment begins as early as the nursery. Our present children’s Sunday School material choice is basically RBP. We also are using Children’s Church material that comes from Desiring God Ministries and the Bethlehem Baptist Church of Minneapolis, MN. Presently overseeing youth and Christian education for twelfth graders and younger, is our Pastor of Youth and Christian Education. This elder along with the help of the senior pastor will strive to encourage the Sunday School teachers, see to it that they have all the resources that is needed, and oversee the continued education and staff development of the entire S.S. staff. This elder will also oversee the nursery Director, The C.E.F. (Good News) Director, The Patch Club Director, and The Children’s Church Director and the leaders of our summer Vacation Bible School ministry. He will also give leadership to the Youth Ministry Staff. Our commitment in Christian Ed for our adults will continue to focus primarily in three areas. Frist, we continue to make sure our sermons are “content driven.” That is to say we want to place an emphasis on our preaching to be not just volitional (sermons aimed at the will), but informative (sermons aimed at Biblical thinking). Second, we continue to work at creating meaningful adult Sunday School classes. Third, we will continue to include the Bible Study aspects of our small groups. While small groups are not to simply be a “Bible Study,” certainly they should include this aspect as an important component of the small group approach here at SVBC.
  5. IN OUTREACH AND EVANGELISM – Our primary strategy for our evangelism and outreach lies in the “building of cultural bridges,” to take the gospel to the community. The very first line of offense in the spread of the gospel is each believer’s development of redemptive relationships at home, with neighbors, co-workers, and every-day relationships that we make. One way of referring to this type of outreach is Frangelism. There will be special corporate opportunities to spread the gospel (such as our regular “blitzing” of our area’s neighborhoods with pertinent material concerning the gospel, our church and it’s ministries. Our “Pastor of Evangelism and Outreach” will have the oversight responsibility of these ministries.
  6. IN BALANCE WITH THE INSTITUTION OF THE HOME - We do NOT desire to be a typical program based church when it comes to ministry. We would rather have fewer “official ministries,” as opposed to more! Our desire is to see our families out only one (other than Sunday) night (or 2 at the very most!) of the week for ministry. It is our conviction that our families should enjoy “family nights"! (notice the plural here vs. singular) We also desire to see our families enjoying enough “flex” time that they actually have the time to develop redemptive relationships with the “non-churched.” Because of this emphasis no ministries should be started without first of all there being a thorough discussion by the elders as to why this “program” is needed!
  7. IN MISSIONS - our strategy, based on the spirit of our “value statements,” will be to look for quality vs. quantity. And yet in the area of giving, just the opposite. We believe that it is superior to support fewer missionaries at a higher amount of money, than many for small amounts of money. Therefore, we will examine all potential missionaries and ministries to see which ones closely align with our values and missions priority.  

Our mission priority is the spread of the gospel. We desire to heavily support missionaries and ministries that are aggressively reproducing themselves in the area of training and teaching “natives,” and “nationals.” The clear result of these ministries is the edification and “building up” of local churches and the development and turn-over of ministry to indigenous leadership. It is our long-range goal to support these servants at around 5% of their total monthly support need. For those families coming out of our home church here at SVBC we would like to support them with at least 10% of their total missions need. The Canfields would be a good example of this last category.
We desire to support a limited number of other well-deserving ministries and missions, that are perhaps fulfilling a praise worthy function with the body of Christ, but are perhaps not really in the “mold” that we have set as our “primary mission target.” The financial support for this secondary missions emphasis will not be at the same level as that of our primary one.


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Our Mission:

At Southeast Valley Bible Church we take seriously the charge of Glorifying our Lord (Eph 3:21) in our 4 objectives as a local church: Worship, Instruction, Fellowship and Evangelism.