Our Vision

  1. We envision a growing church that meets together frequently to honor God through the practice of genuine, corporate worship.
  2. We envision a caring church that meets throughout the week in an expanding network of small groups dedicated to the care, ministry, and edification of “one-another.”
  3. We envision a church that provides “good food” (found in God’s Word), and “good friends” (found with God’s people) to God’s children. This motivates us in aiming for “excellence” in the way we organize and participate in our Sunday School ministry.
  4. We envision a church that aggressively builds redemptive relationships, paving the way for evangelism and outreach.
  5. We envision a church that uses its facilities and resources to serve the needy and builds strategic bridges within our community.
  6. We envision a church that consistently entrusts God’s work to God’s people, calling each believer to a total commitment and stewardship of his resources for the advancement of God’s glory and His Kingdom.
  7. We envision a church that facilitates the expansion and influence of the gospel and “the church” on the local, regional, cross-cultural, national, and global level.
  8. We envision a church that makes a serious impact on missions, including the local planting of like-minded churches.
  9. We envision a church that equips, trains, and aids the development of ministry leadership, including both laymen and those in (or headed for) vocational ministry.
  10. We envision a church that acts as a grace-filled hospital for broken lives to experience the healing power of God’s love and his total forgiveness and acceptance through the embrace of God’s people.


710 E Williams Field Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85295
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Our Mission:

At Southeast Valley Bible Church we take seriously the charge of Glorifying our Lord (Eph 3:21) in our 4 objectives as a local church: Worship, Instruction, Fellowship and Evangelism.