Ministry to Refugees

Dear Southeast Valley Bible Church Family - 

Greetings! We hope this letter finds you well. We thank God for you and for your ministry in Gilbert.

My wife (Zofia) and I are going to do missions in Poland for a few weeks! Now might be a good opportunity for us to partner up as Russia has attacked Ukraine, causing millions of refugees to overwhelm Poland in this tragic time of need. They are short on supplies, and far shorter on the message of Hope found in Jesus Christ.

Zofia and I are in a very unique situation: she’s from Poland and I lived there for 1.5 years, she speaks Polish fluently, and I can get by! While we are waiting for what is next in our personal lives, God has burdened us to do something about this refugee crisis—my wife and I are headed to Poland! Zofia will be there from May 2nd-28th, and I will go May 9th-23rd. We will both be serving with the Foundation Bread of Life in two cities: Poznan, as well as Kalisz. We hope to meet some of the physical and spiritual needs of the Ukrainians while we relay back to SEVBC how you can prayerfully help this dire situation. Here is how SEVBC can help!

The Ukrainian Needs:

Pastor Thomas with Bread of Life has indicated that there is a health deficiency that vitamins can assist with. He specifically requested Vitamin D3 as well as Vitamin C, preferably larger containers with higher mg amounts. If we could fill one or two suitcases that would be amazing! We will be assisting with administration and distribution of needed resources, pairing it with the Gospel as well as connecting them with local-churches to continue the path toward discipleship.

Our Needs:

My wife and I are going for ministry and family. We need lots of prayer, and we know you will pray for us! We are also looking for financial partnership to share in the cost of ministry, so we’re grateful that SEVBC allows us to have a tax-deductible account for our ongoing ministry! The expected cost of both of our travel and expenses is $3000 total, and we’re hoping to raise $1500 to partially cover the cost of airfare and in-country travel/accommodations as we serve the refugees with the Gospel. I’ll be reaching out to some supporters, and if anyone has any questions about Ukraine and serving refugees please feel free to direct them our way for us to get them connected!

If all goes well, we’d like to go serve again possibly in July or August, Lord-willing.

We love you all and can’t wait to share what God does in Poland for His Kingdom!


Cody and Zofia Gustafson


If you are willing to help Cody and Zofia's ministry to Ukrainian refugees in Poland, please see the following needs: 

(1) Large containers of Vitamin C 

(2) Large containers of Vitamin D3

(3) Donations to help cover travel and other expenses (Please give online or by check and designate "Gustafson" in the subject line)

Vitamin donations need to be in no later than the end of the morning service on Sunday, May 8th. Cody will pick up the vitamins and fly out that evening.