What to Expect

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When You Arrive

Click here to see a Campus Map to help you navigate our campus. If you don't know where to start, head toward the main Auditorium. A greeter in the main lobby will be able to point you in the right direction. If you have kids, feel free to head over to the Education Building where one of our friendly teachers or support volunteers will help find the right class for your kids. See the Genesis Kids page for more information.

Sunday School

If you arrive for our Sunday School hour at 9:30 am, you'll have the opportunity to choose among a variety of adult Sunday School Classes. See a list of the classes in the main lobby and ask one of the greeters to point you in the right direction to the appropriate classroom. See the Sunday School page for a list of current classes.

Fellowship Café

If you arrive early for our morning worship service on Sunday morning, you will notice a group of people near one of the buildings, standing around with coffee in hand or sitting down at one of the picnic tables. The people will probably be dressed in business-casual attire, though you will see everything from formal to casual dress. That's really not the important part of Sunday morning. If you would like, you are welcome to help yourself to coffee and a donut. At 10:15 am, we have Fellowship Café, an opportunity for our church family to catch up with one another and to hear about the week. When you are ready, head over to the auditorium by 10:45 am for our morning worship service. Just so you have an idea, the auditorium can seat about 250 people.


After a brief time for announcements for our church life, we begin the service with a Scriptural call to worship, followed by three or four congregational songs led by several musicians at the front. We sing from a wide variety of theologically rich songs that are both old and new. If you are not familiar with any of the songs we sing, don't worry about it. Sing as you are able, enjoy the sounds of the voices and instruments, and rejoice in the the truths being sung. For more information about our approach to church music, see the Music page. For a Spotify playlist that has a number of the songs we use during our Sunday Services, see the Spotify Playlist page.

Body of the Service

The songs will be interspersed with a series of Bible readings, prayers, and other responsive readings. When it is time for the congregation to stand or read a verse aloud, we will let you know. When we have Baptism and Communion Sundays, we will observe these ordinances during this part of the service. After the fourth song, everyone will get up and meet someone new, and the kids will be dismissed to go to their classes. For more information about our Kids ministry, see the Genesis Kids page.


After the body of the service, one of our pastors will deliver a message from the Bible. Usually, the message will be expositional, meaning that the main point of the Bible passage will be the main point of the message. Special care will be given to understanding what the original author intended to communicate in any given Bible passage, looking carefully at grammar, history, and other relevant sections of the Bible. One of the benefits of this kind of teaching is that it trains Christians how to read and study the Bible for themselves. Our messages are geared primarily for Christians and are designed to remind them who God is, what God has done, and how they are to respond to Him in faith, love, obedience, and delight. Those who are not Christians are also welcome to attend; our messages will provide a summary of what it means to be a Christian in case you may not have heard it before. See the Sermons page to listen to a recent sermon.

After the Sermon

After a final prayer or song, the service will be over, usually by 12:15 pm. We would love for the opportunity to get to know you at a meal after church or at one of our small groups that meet throughout the week all over the southeast Phoenix metro area. Don't be a stranger. We would love to get to know you, whoever you are and whatever your story.

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